One of my most popular posts is called “Accidental Boyfriend” about finding love abroad and it is something on many people’s minds when they travel.

While people are traveling to try the food and new experiences, they might also wonder if they’ll meet someone.

This is why it’s incumbent upon us to CREATE our relationships, to decide what they are and what they are not and I believe this is the new and very exciting frontier in relationships. What we’re built for is exploration, finding what we truly want, respecting each others’ journey, growing and being grateful that we are living in this time of great opportunity. It was great to see some regulars and a bunch of new people. When we got to talking about reactions we have to each other’s behavior on dates (applicable to all situations), it got lively and very interesting.

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As a member you can RSVP for our exclusive events in cities like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin and many, many more.- Meet up with the most inspiring singles- Party at our exclusive events - Travel and meet members abroad We're proud to have created a unique platform that ensures the right people are introduced to each other. We did some really smooth design changes to the member-overview and swipe section.

So far thousands of members have been successfully matched, and we're just getting started. Obviously we’re always trying to improve and think this is a big step forward.

I’m going to share a few details in the app that are great for travelers looking to date abroad.

Imagine an English girl is finding herself in Singapore for two days for a work meeting but then has nothing to do and no one to meet.

The people on this app are the same as on every other app, but this charges you.

They never mention anything about a monthly membership fee and they also are impossible to get a hold of.

The willingness of your conversation partner is the most valuable currency there is in relating to each other.

Cultivate it wisely and know when it hasn’t been offered to you. Knowing how to love and take care of ourselves when the door we want to be open is closed can be the most valuable currency for our own well-being and finally takes the pressure off the other person to take care of you by letting you in.

You very well might, but the app Inner Circle is there to help you.