Wanting to move away from limiting Irish stereotypes of lucky charms, leprechauns, and alcoholism, he instead wanted to portray an Irish warrior.This included the design of his own pendant, the crossos, which combines the Celtic cross with a Celtic War sword to illustrate his character's "indigenous origins with a hybrid of warrior strength matched with a strong ethical centre".

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The movie has a small cult following and featured a scene where Sheamus, as Two Ton, engages in a prison fight-club battle with one of the leads. Sheamus has had a long journey from humble beginnings in Dublin to becoming one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the business.

While he doesn't throw any brogue kicks, he still looks like a terrifying monster. He started out as a young boy singing on TV, became an IT technician, played a little rugby, beat up a fake Conan O'Brien, grew up fighting Drew Mc Intyre and Wade Barrett, took a pedigree before making it to the main roster and even starred in a few films.

Now, as Sheamus prepares for an epic Wrestle Mania 29 matchup against The Shield, he'll look to add another great Wrestle Mania moment to his crazy 18-second victory over Daniel Bryan last year.

As Sheamus and his teammates prepare, let's take some time to look into the life of Sheamus and some of his more...unique encounters. came out in 2008 and told the story of an inmate who wants to escape a prison to see his ill daughter.

He is also a two-time United States Champion and a two-time WWE (Raw) Tag Team Champion with his partner Cesaro.

In addition to these championships, he has won the 2010 King of the Ring tournament, the 2012 Royal Rumble match and the 2015 Money in the Bank ladder match, making him only the second wrestler (after Edge) to achieve all three accomplishments.

Born Stephen Farrelly, he became a WWE Champion and a World Heavyweight Champion before appearing in The Escapist and Assault of Darkness.

He learned to speak Gaelic, sang in a choir while at primary school, and played Gaelic football for the Erin's Isle team, where he was named sports star of the month. The legendary Bret Hart assisted him on his journey to become a professional wrestler.

| Sheamus With No Beard | Check Out More Sheamus Photos Since debuting in 2009, Sheamus has already staked claim to the WWE Championship, United States Championship and King of the Ring crown. After a few months of annihilating ECW’s locker room, the Celtic Warrior moved to Raw, where he truly began to shine.

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He has appeared in films since 2008 in titles such as “The Escapist (2008)”, “Assault of Darkness (2009)”, “Mortdecai (2015)” and as Rocksteady in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)” It is unknown whether he is married or not. He was born in 28th January 1978 in Cabra, Dublin, Ireland. His opponent was Robert Pidgeon in the debut match and it was during that time he had gained the nickname “Irish Curse”.