We buy direct from the source and pass the savings on to our customers.

You simply will not find a better deal on jewelry anywhere.

We have been featured on television shows such as The Price is Right, Dr.

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If our prices rise after you've confirmed your booking with us, your holiday cost is guaranteed at the lower price.

If prices fall after you've booked, you’ll automatically be given the new, lower price. The Solos Tour leader is not just a ‘rep’ but more of a companion who travels with the group.

In fact, you SHOULD wear your dresses in the winter. Wear your dress with a scarf, tights, and thigh-high boots. Wear a fitted sweater over your dress, and pop the collar out.

They have the potential to look really adorable and stylish! Add a long cardigan, chunky knit scarf, tights, and combat boots. It’s almost like wearing pants because so much of your legs will be covered! Stay warm in a denim jacket, pretty tights, and ankle boots. Cinch your waist in by adding a belt over your cardigan. If you don’t want to wear tights, wear thigh-high socks under your high boots.

They’ll be with you from the start of your event or holiday, right through to the end as you say goodbye to your new-found friends.

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Tour Leaders understand exactly what you want to get out of your trip; many actually started off as Solos customers themselves.There are six colourways, ranging from neutrals to bolds, of which our favourite is charcoal. Cozy Boots Microwavable Slipper Boots: £14.99, Getting Personal If you suffer from cold feet in the winter months, these may just become your new best friend.Simply bung them in microwave for half-a-minute (we did each one separately as they are big) and they warm your feet up, keeping them toasty for hours on end.We are the only singles specialist to offer Walks & Treks, Tennis and Golf holidays You will always have your own room in which to relax.As a matter of policy, we never penalise our early bookers.They’re on the cumbersome side, but who cares – they are super-soft and utterly marvellous. UGG Scuffette II: £75, UGG For years, UGG has been the outdoor footwear brand of choice for a good proportion of women in Britain.