Melania Trump selected a Trump International Hotel employee for the White House chief usher position, per NYT.

Her decision to hire an employee of the family business is in line with President Trump's penchant for keeping a close network of family and friends as advisers, confidants, and even WH aides.

Lowry is expecting her third child; she recently received her bachelor's degree and is planning on applying to grad programs; and of course, she's currently filming a new season of After months of speculation, we now know that Chris Lopez got Kailyn pregnant, but their time together was reportedly nothing more than a brief fling, and sources say Lopez will only play a small role in the child's upbringing. But from the sound of things, she is not ready to mingle.

who is usher currently dating 2016-58

Twitter user @Abney Camryn tweeted recently that her sister very well could have been Usher's beloved boo.

Usher is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and business partner Grace Miguel, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

Usher has finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Grace Miguel. News confirmed that the two were secretly married earlier this month after getting engaged in January.

Of course Usher's biggest fans are probably a little jealous that the hottie is officially off the market, but let it be known, he married one hell of a woman!

My tastebuds were very happy-it was like a stew I've tasted only in my dreams-I begged the caterer for the recipe that day....

I would have washed her plates to learn how to make it.

"I've always wanted to do something that impacts lives."5.

She was the executive chef on set of : Her bio on Usher's website also noted that she started off in the industry working with catering companies before branching off and forming her own catering company.

Not only is Grace Miguel a bad ass boss bitch, she's also inspirational, worldly and a family woman! She's from Brooklyn: Grace Miguel was born in Brooklyn and raised by her mother.2. Though she is known by friends and co-workers as Grace Miguel.3.

She's a mom: Grace is the mother to two teenagers, a son and a daughter.

finding a job in the field she has a degree in.” Yes, Kail is the latest star of the Teen Mom franchise to begin openly planning for her life post-MTV. stars who seem to have a better sense of what they want out of life and how to get there than Ms. The years to come will be tough, no doubt about that.