She's a big fan of wind and reed instruments, though, and when she saw my collection that I'd left lying in the hall she was like, "Let's do a show tonight." It was weird to do a show spontaneously, but I went to her room to talk about it and we made up all this music on the spot: the first song had no electric guitar, just folk instrumentals.It felt like two planets colliding and I was inspired by the freedom she exuded. " and it reminded me I was put on this planet to make music. Patti and I stayed in touch and when she was next in town she asked me to join her for a church benefit gig, and we've since done a lot of things together.Until then I'd felt out of luck and out of love, but dissolving in someone else's work, just being a cog in her machine, I felt a relief wash over me. She has such a sharp judgement of character and she's so honest with how she feels about people she can't stand, it's great.

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I'd done a show at a Dylan Thomas festival in Wales, and the next day I bumped into her in the hall of the hotel we were all staying in.

I didn't know any of her music; to me she was just the next person on the bill.

"Everything you heard about us in those days is true," Smith admitted. We were hell-raisers." Smith fell deeply in love with Shepard . He encouraged Smith to do lyrics for his play The Mad Dog Blues, while she urged him to write the prose poems that later appeared in Hawk Moon, which he dedicated to her. Sometimes they lived in his room at the Chelsea, other times they stayed at the loft [the one Patti shared with Mapplethorpe], but no matter where they were, their activities and conversations were marked by a theatrical frenzy that was too intense for real life.

"Sam loved my writing more than anyone I ever knew," Smith explained. "I think Sam was terrible jealous of her talent," explained Ann Powell, Smith's friend from Scribner's.

The book fulfilled a promise she had made to her former long-time roommate and partner, Robert Mapplethorpe.

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, which details the singer's famous friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe from beginning to tragic end.

In his early plays Shepard often dealt with the difficulties of achieving the right balance between independence and enslavement in relationships, and his characters usually wound up fleeing for their lives.

In real life, while Shepard had been married to his wife, O-Lan Johnson, for only a year and had a six-old son, he became involved with Patti Smith.

Smith graduated from Deptford Township High School in 1964 and went to work in a factory.