Michelle Beadle is one of the more prominent female sports broadcasters in the world.

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Michelle Beadle is a sports reporter and host of several sports-related shows.

She has worked for the YES Network as a co-host of Yankees on Deck and Sportslife NYC, and was the host of YES' Ultimate Road Trip as well as in HD's Cathedrals of the Game.

Here he is on halloween, I dressed him up as the future of the NFL if we keep taking all the violence out of the game and doing stuff like slapping pink on everything.

PFT Commenter: Have you heard about Rich Eisens i Phone app thats a dating site for NFL fans? Michelle Beadle: I have not heard of Eisen’s app for dating. Michelle Beadle: I read two of the three 50 Shades books. PFT Commenter: Follow up question- whats your take on the Big Ben trade rumors? I think his schtick was transparent, and thankfully, short-lived. PFT Commenter: Take your top 5 on-air personalitys from NBC and your top 5 ESPN- who are they and who wins in a Anchorman style fistfight? ) PFT Commenter: What did you think about the ending to Playmakers? Michelle Beadle: I loved that you had me marry a dog at the end of Playmakers.

The 40-year-old Beadle was born in Italy but spent most of her childhood in Texas.

She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio before her broadcasting career.MORE: How ESPN personalities' careers fared after leaving the network Beadle, who rose to popularity as personality on ESPN2's "Sports Nation," will become the full-time host on "NBA Countdown," leading the network's coverage throughout the the postseason, including the Western Conference finals and NBA Finals on ABC.The shift likely means Sage Steele will no longer have a role in ESPN's NBA coverage.Michelle Beadle is working in a man’s world, but the tides are changing. ) female reporter, she’s paving a path for women to have an influential voice in sports media.Here, we sit down with the co-host to get her perspective on working in a male-dominated industry, the impact of social media, and more.She abruptly ended an interview with Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler when he began to voice his political opinions during the NBA's Celebrity All-Star Game.