That is all that I want in a video game, so I guess I have to make it.” Then in March 2016, she and Shaw went to Disneyland together and, upon arriving, joked that their goal for the day was to “find and rate hot dads.” Gray pitched the game, Shaw was into it, and they then spent their visit coming up with dad personas, including “Bad Dad,” “Fitness Dad,” and “Goth Dad.” Still, they say, is not all about hot-dad-on-hot-dad action, but also takes familial relationships into account.

"It's really nice that I live in a place where my kids have a very normal life," Crow, who resides in West Nashville, Tennessee, said.

"I do date and I can do that in a private setting and it's great." WATCH: Lance Armstrong Talks Relationship With Sheryl Crow -- ‘It’s Tough to Pull Off' Being a Power Couple The two-time GRAMMY winner also has a pretty good idea of what she's looking for in a partner.

After babysitting for the family for a few months, Ryan approached me with an offer.

When you've lived on your own since the age of 16, a bunch of 18-year-old hooligans drunkenly jumping off balconies celebrating the fact they no longer live at home is not exciting, it's annoying. I'll speak to you later.""If the meeting is all you say it is, then leave your cell phone on when you go back to the table, then I'll hear you 'discuss taxes' with Jenna's dad.""This is just silly.""It's not silly. I dialed my friend Melissa and explained to her the situation.

It wasn't until he was 33-years-old, that Jay-Z met with his father and forgave him. “What I thought when I met my dad was, ‘Oh, I’m free to love now,’ ” he said in the video. Then, we had to go to a point and be like, ‘OK, tear this down, and let’s start from the beginning.’”Jay-Z also admitted that confessing his infidelity to Bey was harder than living on the streets.

Before you think anything about anything let me just say this: I know. I'd finally escaped the Mormon bubble and was puffed with pride over my bona fide college student status. I could babysit my beloved 2-year-old in the morning, attend college classes in the afternoon, then head to the office.

Ryan agreed to pay me under the table and I accepted.

He owned a company and was in need of a "file girl,” who could hang around the office for a couple of hours every afternoon.

If I could adopt 10 more kids, I would." MORE: Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Being 10 Years Cancer-Free, Praises Shannen Doherty Crow quickly added, "I think our unit is perfect now, and I'm a little bit older to be a mom and I want to have all the energy that I can for the two boys that I have." That being said, she admits that it would be "great to add kind of a dad-type guy" to her family.