I think I was speaking from many different voices rather than just my own”, the 32-year-old added.

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I came back to Leeds and met up with Lem for this show – I was chatting to him.

I said, I want you to burn my bridges down Set me on Fire, you set me, set me on Fire, girl you burned my bridges down I dont think there is much competition. After all it was five stars and i think that counts for alot more than a three stars goal.

“Lem Mierins – that’s where the name Merrion comes from, because I didn’t know how to spell his surname.” Scoop!

In fact, by coincidence, Leigh has recently met up with the Latvian artist for the BBC: “I’ve just done a show called where they focus on a comedian from a different part of the country.

When discussing his dream list of contestants, he admitted that singer-songwriter Craig David would be one of the top choices.

He said: ‘You’re friends with someone I’d love to come on Celebrity Juice – Craig David!The name jogs his memory, surprises him – disarms him a little too, I feel.Indeed, ’s hunch that the name of one of Leigh’s characters, the frankly terrifying celebrity-stalker Avid Merrion, is inspired by one of his old tutors from those days, one Lem Mierins, and not, as is popularly thought, the hideous eighties shopping-shed that is Leeds’s Merrion Centre, proves to be correct.“That’s totally true,” he says.Leigh is the opposite to what he's like when he's in character, which is really ballsy.When he's in character he is cheeky and asks you questions about your personal life that he wouldn't ask if he was being himself.) and so the avenue to the TV presenting world was opened up by him. and I always wanted to work with a script but he taught me how to work without one.