EA Sports is doing something a little different this year in revealing the cover athlete for NHL 13.

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Now that former Pitt assistant coach John Calipari has accepted the Kentucky job, a few shockwaves will undoubtedly be felt.

Obviously, Memphis is going to have to look for a new coach. KDKA is reporting that Pitt could possibly have a shot at landing one of the top Juco players in the country, 6'9", 230-pound power forward Will Coleman of Miami, Florida.

We hacked the Bauer Hockey Facebook page today and posted nothing but pictures of the Staals. Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can handle it. Suffice to say that Kaner is *really* jealous somewhere in Upstate NY. Tags: brent seabrook, Chicago Blackhawks, Intern Jeff Skinner, jonathan toews, patrick kane, patrick sharp We went to Boston University. We firmly maintain that Harvard and Boston College are safety schools.

Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling. We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls. Don’t let him drink the Mexicola, it gives him the giggles. How could you not want this face to lead you to victory?

All worthy cover athletes, although we're a little surprised Rinne got voted in over Lundqvist (didn't know Preds fans were so diehard they'd stuff an online ballot).

As always, many fans design their own NHL 13 covers and some of them actually look legit.

Coleman signed with Memphis in August, turning down his only other offer, which was from Pitt.

He was also pursued by UConn, Missouri, Minnesota, Clemson, and Tulane.

First of all, before you read any further, let me just say this: Barry Melrose is not on this list. Most of you were just going to skip the article and head straight to the comments sections to fling the obligatory, "You don't know what you're talking about! I consider him more of a cover-boy for why the NHL needs to crack down on shots to the head. I kind of like Melrose, actually, in spite of the nonsense he spouts.