DMX and Aaliyah became friends, the only reason people made the assumption they were dating was because of the chemistry they were able to create in the "Back In One Piece" video.

But they remained good friends from that point on until her death, and he was pretty torn up during the news of her death spreading around.

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Aaliyah Seven years after her debut at just 15 years old, Aaliyah assembled a third studio album that was astonishingly mature. I Care 4 UThis is the only song Missy Elliot penned for the album, sadly. I Refuse This is arguably her most crafty song off the album. Aaliyah talks about cutting him and even killing him.

Sadly, her death just a little over a month after its release stilled a promising voice in R&B. This song has a classic feel, like the temptations or some other music band from the 50's. It reminds you of the legend of sleepy hollow (the headless horseman). It's kinda short, but trust me, The epicness makes up for it. The song is not as great as "I Can Be" but I still like it. Try Again Does this song REALLY need a description? This is the song that made me obessesed with Aaliyah. 5/5OVERALL GRADE: 67/75= 89% B This is an amazing album, with only no more than two or three below average tracks.

Aaliyah, who died in a 2001 plane crash at age 22, denied the secret ceremony throughout her life – though a marriage certificate later appeared, with her age falsely listed as 18.

(Her parents later reportedly annulled the marriage.) 100 Best Songs of the Aughts: Aaliyah, ' Try Again' The film, music editor Christopher John Farley.

He even cried on a news station when he recited a poem that he wrote for her which was used in the "I Miss You" tribute video that Missy did for her. Considering the fact that Babygirl [Aaliyah] is deceased, it should have been "DID Aaliyah date DMX" and the answer to that is NO.

The upcoming Lifetime network biopic on late R&B artist Aaliyah will include information about her contentious relationship with R. The two singers were allegedly – and illegally – married in 1994, when Aaliyah was just 15 and Kelly was 27.

Tracks such as "Never No More" and "I Care 4 U" (featuring Missy) are slinky, twisted ballads imbued with film-noir sultriness, as diva Aaliyah steps catlike away from the bubblegum R&B of her contemporaries. If there is ever a way talking about sex in a classy way, Aaliyah does it and does it well. More Than A Woman If Aaliyah was going for high album sales, this should have been the first single. You can see that she really broadened her musical horizons on this album.

There's also the obligatory rock track tacked on near the end ("I Can Be"), but even this excels above the standard hip-hop/rock/R&B crossover fare with its Prince-like influences coupled with Aaliyah's own instinct for seduction. I really missed listening to this album which is why I purchased a copy online, since it is unavailable as a digital copy. RIP Aaliyah Let me start this off by saying, Im a huge Aaliyah fan. Every track on the album I fell in love with, but the ones I really enjoyed were "We Need a Resolution", "Loose Rap", "Rock the Boat", "More Than a Woman", "I Care 4 U", "Extra Smooth", "U Got Nerve", "I Refuse", "Those Were the Days" and "What If".

At 22, when most artists would just be getting started, Aaliyah had already progressed from pop to street to an unconventional retro-modern, risk-taking version of R&B. Aaliyah tackles physical abuse in relationships in this one. Aaliyah talks about caring for a man if he is heartbroken. The piano is just beautiful, and Aaliyah's voice is beautiful. Aaliyah talks about her desire of being with a man, the desire is so bad, that she doesnt care about being his mistress. It's the biggest hit of her career and even broke a billboard record. This album should have won a grammy, because Aaliyah took R & b to a whole new level and this album has not one ounce of repetetive commercial music.