Viz also announced that it’ll be releasing three novels set after the series ends, beginning in November. Sorry to say, they should have seen that one coming.

Do you miss watching episodes of the animated series Naruto on television? And if you want to play games but can't afford to buy any, you can always play these Flash Naruto games for free. To play games inspired by Naruto, go through this collection and choose the ones belonging to the type of games you prefer.

Naruto is actually a manga series animated for television viewers.

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There are boxing games such as the Naruto Boxing Game, racing games such as the Naruto Motocross, puzzle games such as the one by Juegos Diarios, and adventure games such as Naruto Ultimate from Shonen Jump.

In the Naruto Boxing Game, you will be pitted against a pro boxer and you have to dodge his punches while also getting in a few of your own.

His entire clan was slaughtered by his older brother, but he still lives in the wreckage of the family compound.

At any rate, it’s safe to say it’s not related to the other manga visual aesthetic where larger-than-life, significant characters are enormous.

Part 2, which covers the post-timeskip storyline (and makes up the Shippuden portion of the anime adaptation), is where we start taking unexpected left turns off a cliff. Yes, there is the Leaf Village (aka Konoha), where Naruto lives. This is actually the biggest mystery in the entire series. The height difference between Naruto and Hinata hadn’t been quite so pronounced in Naruto: The Last either, and that movie takes place two years after the manga ending.