To us, this meant thinking about live chat more than just messaging.

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Kindle users can now reach out to Amazon customer support by clicking a simple button.

They’ll then have a consultant pop-up on their screen to answer all their questions. Google decided to test video support for Adwords customers using Google Hangouts.

Huge actors in the online business are already putting video chat support to the test.

One of the best example is Amazon and its May Day button for Kindle.

If you lose or damage your recommendation letter or ID card and need to request another copy please log into your Eaze MD account and and place an order for a replacement letter or ID card.

Our mission was to do the impossible: to develop a chat solution that could drive 3x more chat conversions.

Everyone wants to accept credit card payments online, as it facilitates sales. Below, we will see, in a general sense, what it takes to be compliant — it is costly and not easy.

Simple ways to be PCI compliant and accept credit cards: To get an idea of what is involved in PCI compliance, lets take the example of a company who has a web site and a database and would like to sell products via their site, accept credit cards, and store information in their database for future purchases.

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