Windows Spotlight is a new feature introduced with Windows 10.

Windows Spotlight automatically sets exceptional pictures from Bing search as your lock screen background and lets you submit feedback about a specific background.

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Garmin receivers have differing capabilities in the number of waypoints that they can save.

The earliest units could save 250 waypoints while later models can store up to 500. In addition some units have additional waypoints that are stored in an internal database.

The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude. The 76 family will also store depth data for water if an optional depth sensor is attached.

When you first create a new waypoint the unit will automatically assign it a name.

This chapter covers the use of waypoints on Garmin receivers. Capturing your position as a Waypoint Planning Ahead Waypoint Entry Updating Waypoint Data Viewing Waypoint Data Deleting Waypoints Distance to Waypoints Proximity Alarms Tips and Tricks Waypoints are used to store and remember locations that are of interest to the user.

They are often used to store intermediate turns and intersections that help define a route to a particular destination.

As you can make out from the picture above, these pictures are truly beautiful.