The Play Station 4 brought with it an unprecedented ease of streaming with the Dual Shock 4's share button, and when a massive wave of new users is mixed with ease-of-use there's a whole slew of new problems to watch out for.

PS4 players have become creative and figured out that ) are within Twitch's Terms of Service.

Note 2: These cheats must first be unlocked in the game before they can be used.

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The app lets couples see sex from their partner's point of view when both people wear the futuristic computer-shaped glasses.

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All Audio Log locations Search the indicated locations to find all Audio Logs: Saints Row series references The simulation "Leave It To The Saints" is a parody of Leave It To Beaver.

One of the things the mother says is "Someone named Dex was here asking for you, but I didn't recognize him so I sent him away." This is a reference to Dex, a former member of the Saints who did security for Ultor, and then turned terrorist in the Saints Row 2 DLC.

Their video service has a growing selection of titles available in Ultra HD to Prime members at no additional charge (Netflix charges more), and a wider selection of premium movies to rent or purchase.

New premium movies in UHD include titles such as Although it’s not necessary to be a Prime subscriber to view Ultra HD content, the number of titles available to members is well worth the per year if you start adding up rental fees and purchases.

If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Note: Trophies and auto save are disabled when cheats are activated.

I do feel bad for Sony, though, and I can see them acting swiftly to take action against offenders.