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Without disclosing the financial details of the transaction, BMS said it acquired Nfusion in an all-cash deal.

"We are excited to foray into audio entertainment through our offering ' Jukebox' (its online audio entertainment offering), which uses Nfusion's technology," said Book My Show Director Parikshit Dar.

Pricing integration and management is one of the most costly line items in web development company quotes.

Most web development companies just don’t have the experience and market knowledge to properly and efficiently implement this critical pricing component - so they generally over bid it.

“NFUSION is about helping salons and stylists earn more money by giving them a point-of-difference, as opposed to selling them products and tools,” explains Dayne Sieling, CEO.

“We offer all-around 360-degree support to our customers,” adds Mark Glesne, director of marketing and digital, who teams with Claudia Cea, director of education and training, to develop a customized marketing, sales and education strategy for every customer.

Most notably, in the German-speaking countries, most of the main terrestrial broadcasters, such as ARD Das Erste and ZDF offer FTA satellite broadcasts, as do some of the more recent satellite rivals such as Sat.1 and RTL.

The satellites on which these channels broadcast, at Astra's 19.2° ea position, are receivable throughout most of Europe.

As a retailer or wholesaler in the precious metals market it is mission critical for you to have your product pricing as accurate and reliable as possible. We also know competition is fierce and margins are thin, which is why you simply can’t afford to compromise when implementing your product pricing strategy.