Internet companies actually charge you an additional fee to rent their equipment.

Most users get a similar result to their "favourite" speed test or the ISP "recommended" speed test.

If you repeatably get a lower result look more carefully at your browser and your PC. Install a clean, current, browser (Firefox or Chrome) and try it with that before concluding anything.

Actiontec WCB3000N Actiontec WCB6200Q Arris DG1670A Arris TG1672 Arris TG1682 Arris TG852G Arris TG862G Arris TM402G Arris TM402P Arris TM502G Arris TM602G Linksys Cable Gateway Motorola SB3100 Motorola SB4100 Motorola SB4200 Motorola SB4220 Motorola SB5100 Motorola SB5101 Motorola SB6141 Motorola SBG900 Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 Motorola SBV4200 Motorola SBV5220 Netgear CG814M Netgear CG814W Netgear CG814WG Netgear CGD24G Netgear WG602 Netgear WGR614 Netgear WNR1000 Netgear WNR2000 RCA DCM235 RCA DCM245 RCA DCM305 RCA DCM315R RCA DCM425 SA Webstar DPC2100 SA DPC2203 SA DPC2203C SA DPR2320 SA Webstar DPX2203C SA Webstar DPX2203C-S SMC Barricade G SMCD3GN-TWC SMC 8014W-G Technicolor (Thomson) DWG855 Toshiba PCX1100 Toshiba PCX1100U Toshiba PCX2000 Toshiba PCX2200 Toshiba PCX2500 Toshiba PCX2600 Toshiba PCX5000 Ubee (Ambit) DDW2600 Ubee (Ambit) DDW3611 Ubee DVW3201B Ubee (Ambit) 60740EUW Ubee (Ambit) U10C019 Ubee (Ambit) U10C020 Ubee (Ambit) U10C022 If you have AC power to the MTA and the Standby light is on, you might have pressed the Standby button accidentally and cut off your Internet connection. The Standby light turns off, and the DS and US lights stop blinking and return to solid.

If you have no AC power to the unit, the MTA stays in standby mode until power is restored.

By the end of 2012, the Korean Communications Commission intends to increase Wi Bro broadband connection speeds to 10Mbit/s, around ten times the current Wi Bro adopts TDD for duplexing, OFDMA for multiple access and 8.75/10.00 MHz as a channel bandwidth.

Wi Bro was devised to overcome the data rate limitation of mobile phones (for example CDMA 1x) and to add mobility to broadband Internet access (for example ADSL or Wireless LAN).

In February 2002, the Korean government allocated 100 MHz of electromagnetic spectrum in the 2.3–2.4 GHz band, and in late 2004 Wi Bro Phase 1 was standardized by the TTA of Korea and in late 2005 ITU reflected Wi Bro as IEEE 802.16e (mobile Wi MAX).

Two South Korean Telcom (KT, SKT) launched commercial service in June 2006, and the tariff is around US.

There is an abundance of factors that must be taken into consideration.