This has resulted in desktop applications that can render blurry or be sized incorrectly.

In this session we'll discuss what Microsoft is doing to address these challenges, including new APIs and technologies targeted at high-DPI usage scenarios for desktop apps. With Creators Update GDI apps are finally scaled, but it's too bad icons looks so blurry in the device manager for example.

Bitmap Source is an important class used in the decoding and encoding of images. Create) Dim encoder5 As New Tiff Bitmap Encoder() encoder5. The examples in the Displaying Images in WPF section demonstrate automatic decoding. The following example shows how to render an image 200 pixels wide using both attribute syntax and property tag syntax.

So I created a WPF desktop app which must be run with Administrator privileges to manage your Environment Variables.

In addition to providing the basic CRUD operations on Environment Variables, NVM# also allows you to Import and Export environment variables from and to an XML file, respectively.

It proves really helpful in a scenario where the team needs to have the same environment variables to work efficiently (believe me, I have faced this scenario a lot several years ago and had wished such an app existed back then!

Add, Edit, Delete Data in WPF with Access Database : Today we show you how to create access database and perform the database operation like insert, update, delete in WPF with access database and display details in grid structure.

I wouldn't want to run these apps on my high-DPI Surface Book screen :/How about using some kind of algorithm like Scale2X (see: to get rid of the blurry and have something a lot better to look at ?

This topic provides an introduction to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Imaging Component.

WPF Imaging enables developers to display, transform, and format images.

WPF Imaging provides significant enhancements in imaging capabilities within Microsoft Windows.

Managing environment variables has been a tedious task since the early days of Windows.