Before deciding you need a hardware upgrade, make sure you actually have a hardware problem.Do these basic computer housekeeping tasks first, and see if your computer's performance improves: For more nonprofit and charity computer troubleshooting tips, see Do-it-Yourself Desktop Troubleshooting and Eleven Tips for Troubleshooting Software.

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*A solid state drive is a storage drive that does not use "traditional" hard drive technology of recording data on magnetic disks, meaning it has no moving parts.

This makes them more reliable, faster, and less prone to data loss from dropping / carrying a laptop around.

Another is showing a classmate how to search for pictures of Susan B. They’re all learning how to use Google Sites, helping each other along the way. Robert teaches at ASCEND, a small arts K-8 school in the Alameda County School District. Most of the computers’ problems could be fixed by wiping the disks and reinstalling the operating system—but buying new software for every donated computer would be prohibitively expensive.

Earlier this week, this class learned how to add numbers in a spreadsheet. He’s a fan of technology and believes that it’s an important part of K-12 education. So Robert began to research more affordable options.

Since 2007 the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has been operated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

In a sunny Bay Area classroom, twenty sixth graders are working at computers.

Small, lightweight computers with reasonable processing power and high build quality have become popular in the last couple of years and are suitable for academic work.

However, many of these computers lack Ethernet ports, forcing you to rely on wireless only.

The main user population was the UK Universities and some government agencies. Associated with the SC4020 was a PDP15 satellite computer that provided previewing facilities for the SC4020 and a range of interactive graphics facilities for users.