and was berated and beaten by his mother for each offense.

When it comes to both local and international flights, Ukraine is well connected.

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Any doubts about the terrible reality of this war were erased when I visited the battlefields.

I could write my impressions again, but I think it would be best to show you what I wrote that evening, when what I had seen was still fresh in my mind and not dulled by a year of reporting on this war.

The main beneficiary has been Yanukovych, the man whose fraudulent victory in the 2004 runoff precipitated the Orange Revolution.

An Italian businessman thought his young model wife had met a cruel fate when she mysteriously disappeared in July after telling him she was going outside for some fresh air — but what he found out was even more of a shock.

Late that afternoon I visited the still smoldering battlefields outside the city.

There had been a battle that day and the day prior, involving tanks and artillery. Many soldiers still lay dead where they had fallen in battle, frozen in the moment and the motion of their deaths.

Ukrainians went to the polls Sunday to vote for a new president for the first time since the Orange Revolution of 2004.

As expected, none of the eighteen candidates on the ballot won an outright majority in the first round, and a runoff will be held on February 7 between the top two finishers, opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

At the time of his birth, Ukraine was in the grip of mass famine caused by Joseph Stalin's forced collectivization of agriculture.