The first person known to have said, “The Village isn’t what it used to be” was the writer Floyd Dell. Dell was from Illinois, and he had lived in Greenwich Village for less than three years. It is one of the most successful enterprises in the history of American journalism.The Village is that kind of place: almost everybody who lives there has come from somewhere else, but when a new person arrives they tell him, “Man, you should have been here last year.” The Village is kept alive by immigrants who, immediately after they settle in, start worrying that the Village is disappearing. It began as a neighborhood paper serving an area about a tenth the size of the Left Bank, in Paris, and it became, within ten years, a nationally known brand and the inspiration for a dozen other local papers across the country.

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By 1967, it was the best-selling weekly newspaper in the United States, with a single-day circulation higher than the circulations of ninety-five per cent of American big-city dailies.

It survived the deaths of four other New York City newspapers and most of its imitators, and it has had a longer life than the weekly was, from the start, a for-profit venture. Between 19, it lost nearly sixty thousand dollars; the combined salaries of its editor and its publisher, for that entire period, was eighteen thousand dollars.

The typical issue was eighty pages; two-thirds of the book was advertising.

Advertising may seem to fall into the same category as richness, thinness, and approval, one of the things you can never have too much of.

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