During dinner they posed for the store owner while the fans waited outside, and afterwards Ethan and Tiff greeted their fans and took lots of pictures.

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Previously, Ethan’s girlfriend, actress Tiffany Tsu let on that she rarely cooked now because Ethan is often not around and that she is currently busy with work, causing a fast dip in her weight.

Two days ago, the actor, who was on his break, took Tiffany out on a date and had a steamboat dinner, so as to nourish her body.

Last week Ethan participated in a racing event down in the Southern Taiwanese city of Pingdong.

Tiffany accompanied him down for the race and they arrived a few days early to prep and get organized.

She added, "No matter what, when someone is always there for you, people get too lazy to dress up, get too lazy to go out and share a meal, or even prepare small surprises or gifts for one another."The 28-year-old preferred to stay at the dating stage rather than tying knot with someone."So if I had to choose between love and marriage, I'd choose love.

Marriage isn't necessary as long as both parties are happy," she said.

At Mark Chao’s wedding which they attended together last year, the couple said they have yet to set a date for their wedding.

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Ethan, who sported a buzz cut, attracted diners’ attention as soon as he entered the restaurant, creating a small commotion.