Fast forward to the date, and he takes a call from a girl and he says to her - 'oh i'm just in the pub with (male roommates name)' I can hear her on the other end getting worked up about something and him telling her to calm down. He hangs up the phone and says "That was my fiancee, but not a real one, just one i'm with for her visa" At this point I'm already thinking 'bloody hell'.He continued on with his excuse "She also lives with me" (in his 2 bed apartment with this other roommate - cozy).Several years ago, I decided to challenge the idea that the only way to a loving, committed relationship was to be monogamous.

People going through breakups pay major bucks for this kind of advice through counseling bills.

You might be able to save yourself some cash by buying this book."--Youthwalk Praise for the Dateable books:"Dateable is a topic that every youth group should be addressing.

And almost half of millenials say they view changes in family structures positively, compared to only a quarter of elderly respondents.

In other words, monogamy — though a perfectly viable choice — doesn’t work for everyone. Blame it on a couple unhealthy relationships in my youth: For whatever reason, in my mind “monogamy” had come to be associated with possessiveness, jealousy, and claustrophobia — not quite what one desires from everlasting love.

Leave your baggage at the door- This should be pretty common sense, but many people use the new date partner as a sounding board for all of the woes of the recently ended relationship.

Nothing kills potential romance faster than a hang dog look as you go on about your ex.

For today’s 20- and 30-somethings, these trends are meaningful.

More than 40 percent of millenials think marriage is “becoming obsolete” (compared to 43 percent of Gen Xers, 35 percent of Baby Boomers, and 32 percent of people aged 65-plus).

From the authors who brought you Dateable and The Dateable Rules comes a new series guaranteed to get teens talking.