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Somsak Rachso was accused of insulting the Thai monarchy — a serious crime in Thailand punishable by up to 15 years jail — although it is unclear exactly what sparked the campaign against him."Thai people there [in Australia] — don't associate with him, don't give him or his family a job," said the hardline leader of RSO, Major General Rianthong Nanna.

Since the death of Thailand's widely-revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej on October 13, the military junta has pursued at least 20 cases of lese majesty, or royal insult, which is punishable by up to 15 years in jail.

The first time, I forgot my SD card and bought a new one… I complained through the whole meal (sorry friends.) This time, I came prepared!

Lychee Fruit Frappe ($6) The perfect level of sweetness and to counter the summer heat (or when you underestimate the power of chilli flakes).

Here, the classic street dish of a thin, crisp turmeric-stained coconut pancake is filled with sweet pork floss, peanuts, tofu, green onion and a side of pickled cucumber relish.

But to my mind, the thing that really sets this particular Chat apart (owner Amy Chanta now has six, with the Randwick branch celebrating its 27th birthday this year) is that dessert bar.

As a result of the online harassment, Mr Rachso was fired from his part-time job at Siam Cuisine Thai Restaurant in Penrith, for fear of attracting vigilante attacks."I already kicked Somsak out because for safety reasons, I didn't want anyone to get hurt," said Peter, the restaurant's owner.

He asked that his surname be withheld due to the sensitivities about this subject in the Thai community, and stressed his respect for the late king.

Mr Somsak wrote to his accuser, who he called "Rianthong the criminal gangster"."In the past three days I have been pressured by beloved and respected friends and relatives, asking me to stop any movement or fight with undemocratic Thailand which is ruled by dictatorship and military," wrote Mr Somsak.

The Bangkok Post named Australia as one of the countries to receive the extradition request, although the Australian Government and various Thai Government spokesmen declined to confirm the details."As a matter of longstanding practice, the Australian Government does not comment publicly on extradition matters, including whether it has made or received an extradition request, before a person is arrested or brought before a court pursuant to a request," said a statement from the Attorney-General's Department.

For opening weekend, there will be a half-priced menu.

And given that (regular-priced) Chat Thai is already famous for its lines, you can already imagine the blockbuster queues that will welcome the new restaurant.

Mr Somsak appeared to be involved with a NSW-registered group, Thai Alliance for Human Rights.