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Commander Jason James or a young ensign learning the ropes (that is, if Commander Wulf wasn't present). Wulf and Davies were nearly the same height, both tall and from the same Nordic stock that seemed to produce so many of the ranking command in the western galactic fleet.

The silence that took hold of the bridge was sudden and strange. " "Oh, just admiring the view, Commander," said Davies. But whereas Davies' handsome mouth couldn't help from smiling, Wulf's was perpetually set in a small, disapproving line.

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Doch langsam hebt sich der Schleier und du siehst dich in einen beraus spannenden Eroberungsfeldzug verwickelt, mit gefrssigen Sporen als Hauptdarsteller.

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She'd been concentrating on the navigation data and looked up only when she noticed the crew had grown abnormally quiet.