Here is a sample code: However, you may need another column to make regular postbacks or even the rest of the actions to trigger standard postback requests.

The visual designer of Rad Ajax Manager , accessible in Visual Studio, lets you set even the most complicated update scenarios such as the one shown in Figure 1 : Figure 1 - Example of scenario with Ajax-enabled controls Rad Ajax Manager comes with a configuration wizard (Figure 2) for setting the relations between the AJAX request initiator and the controls that will be updated.

You can start the configuration wizard by right-clicking the control and choosing the Configure Rad Ajax Manager command in the control's Smart Tag.

Figure 2 : The Rad Ajax Manager property builder has three panes which you use to set which controls perform AJAX updates.

You can set the relationship between AJAX-ified and updated controls on the server-side using the Add Ajax Setting methods: You can use any external control to force Rad Ajax Manager to perform an AJAX request by calling the manager's client-side functions.

For the Grid View in this situation the proper place is the Row_Pre Render event handler. Grid View Command Event Args e) protected void Row_Pre Render(object sender, System.

The Grid View in the sample contains one template and one button column. Event Args e) Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Created(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Rad Ajax Manager is one of the two major controls of the UI for ASP. The main features of Rad Ajax Manager are: Using a single Rad Ajax Manager on the page you can create complex web applications like Microsoft Outlook ® Web Access portal. Rad Ajax Manager allows developers to rapidly develop powerful and complex AJAX solutions.The Rad Ajax Manager Configuration Wizard is pretty intuitive and simple to use.The tool has three panes: You can find the working code example of Figure 2 in this demo.controls (residing in template column of Grid View control) in order to update other controls (for example outside of the Grid View) without postback.