Real Madrid are not in a rush to sell Morata, because the European Super Cup against Mourinho’s Manchester United is on the horizon (8 August in Skopje, Macedonia).Yet Morata does not want the transfer to become a soap opera.Uses privilege world, living or dead, dinner and movie.

Unlike the rest of the Iberian broad gauge network, the AVE uses standard gauge.

This permits direct connections to outside Spain through the link to the French network at the Perthus tunnel.

Álvaro Morata has taken a break from his honeymoon to return to Madrid in an attempt to speed up his transfer to Manchester United.

His new wife, Alice Campello, has stayed put in Ibiza, where they will soon be reunited.

AVE trains run on a network of high-speed rail track owned and managed by ADIF (Administrador De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias), where other high-speed (Avant, Alvia) and mid-speed (Altaria) services also operate.

The first line was opened in 1992, connecting the cities of Madrid, Córdoba and Seville.

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International womens group sharing knowledge in becoming acquainted with Madrid and its international community.

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Yet Madrid are unwilling to sell their prized academy asset for the price that United are currently offering: €74m.