The items on this resource list are organized alphabetically in two categories: Changes in Intimacy and Sexuality in Alzheimer’s Disease (2017) Learn how Alzheimer’s disease can lead to changes in close relationships. Changes in Sexuality and Intimacy (PDF, 57K) (2016, 2 p.) This fact sheet explains how sexual feelings and behavior may change in a person at different stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Tips for caregivers explain how to handle changes such as a loss of interest in sex or increased sexual demands. Sex and Intimate Relationships (2015, 15 pages) This brochure explains that physical intimacy can continue to be a source of mutual support and pleasure for couples affected by dementia, and that there is no single “normal” way of handling sexual difficulties. Sexuality and Dementia (2014) This online article presents quotes from caregivers explaining ways to cope with emotional and physical relationship changes brought on by dementia. It also discusses the importance of safe sex, emotional factors and sexuality, and ways to keep an active sex life in later life.

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We have partnered with the World Zionist Organisation to enable those who would like to learn or improve their Modern Hebrew. Classes will be taught by experienced Ulpan teachers.

We welcome anyone interested in furthering his or her Jewish knowledge and invite you to contact Jarek Lodzinski on 44 (0)20 8349 5600 or [email protected] To register for any of our courses, please download our registration form. We accept these payment methods: Our online payments are powered by: Before making any payment online, please read our terms & conditions and our refund policy. The exact dates, timings and prices will be confirmed soon. The Rise of King David – a literary reading of 1 Samuel 8-week course at Leo Baeck College (Drawing room, only 21/11/2017-Room 2) Date: Tuesday 7.45- 9.15pm 3 Oct- (no session on ) Course Description: The Book of Samuel is a literary masterpiece, chronicling not only the rise of King David, but also the jealousies, passions, conflicts and tragedies affecting him and three other major figures: Samuel, Saul and Jonathan, together with minor characters who add colour and human dimensions to the narrative.

Published by the National Institute on Aging’s Alzheimer’s and related Dementias Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center. Read a related Spanish tip sheet, Sexualidad (PDF, 65K). Available from Better Health Channel, Melbourne, Australia. LGBT Caregiving: Frequently Asked Questions (2015) This online article touches on issues of interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) older adults and their caregivers. Also covered are sex in residential care settings, capacity to consent to sexual relations, and what to do when abuse is suspected. It also discusses talking with a physician or other professional to help caregivers who are struggling with these changes. Call 1-800-222-2225/1-800-222-4225 (TTY) or e-mail [email protected] Free print and online access in English and Spanish.

It discusses how to obtain long-term care and other services that are LGBT-friendly and what to do if you suspect an LGBT nursing home resident is mistreated. Building Respect for LGBT Older Adults (online learning module) Developed by the U. Administration for Community Living, this tool for long-term care and other aging-services professionals is an introduction to LGBT elders.

This coming year sees the return of many exciting courses plus the addition of on-line learning opportunities to enable even more people to study with us.

We are also delighted to offer Modern Hebrew Ulpan classes as part of the Lehrhaus.Helena worked in the giant warehouse at the camp called 'Canada' where the belongings of the doomed were sorted before they were shipped back to Berlin to fuel the Nazi war effort Helena, who died in 2005, said in an interview with UK filmmaker Laurence Rees: 'Here he did something great.There were moments where I forgot that I was a Jew and that he was not a Jew and, honestly, in the end I loved him.To buy an item, please contact the publisher to confirm price and payment information.Many items are also available from traditional and online booksellers. Dementia: Emotional Changes (2014) This fact sheet describes ways in which people with dementia may experience emotional changes, including changes in their sexual feelings and behavior. Sexuality in Later Life (La sexualidad en la edad avanzada) (2013, 12 pages) This fact sheet describes the physical changes that occur with normal aging and reviews some causes of sexual problems, including dementia.And nowhere during the 12 years that the Nazis ruled most of Europe was as warped, hideous and murderous as the Auschwitz death factory in occupied Poland.