‘The woman was holding her bag, as was the perpetrator. ‘Also, she was wearing long pants, and he happened to touch her thigh since they were sitting next to each other.’ He added: ‘If he had grabbed her breasts or genitals, or if he had shown his genitalia, then that would be harassment. He just touched her thigh and she was wearing trousers.

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When I swiped left or right, I always felt self-conscious and questioned myself, “Is this a normal human interaction? ” My friends introduced me to the app last year and I got about three matches that time.

The three of them had nice polite chats with me but it led to nothing.

The incident happened on March 6 in Jatinegara, in Jakarta, Indonesia – two days after a Women’s March was held in the capital city.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the bus officer on board backed up the woman’s story that the man had inappropriately touched her thigh and said the man even admitted it himself.

“In NYC there’s a bigger focus on pedigree,” says Aussie Adam Lewkovitz, who moved to New York City from Sydney in 2009. In Sydney, there’s more focus on lifestyle, and work is a means to support what you want to do.” The 34-year-old tech-product manager now lives in Williamsburg, where he says the terms of dating are not as clear as in his native land.

When it comes to exclusivity, he says here “you just assume that the other person is dating around, whereas that nonexclusive thing doesn’t fly in Australia.” There’s really no such thing as the three-day rule in Greece, says Maria Avgitidis, referring to the time you’re traditionally supposed to wait before calling or texting after meeting someone.

However Bambang Edi, head of criminal investigations for Jatinegara Police, said it didn’t count as sexual harassment.

‘The person just touched her as they were sitting side by side,’ he told Vivanews.

For instance, Wapa, Brenda and Line are the apps of choice for many lesbians while gay men often prefer Grindr, Scruff or Growlr.