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Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 044 (GH; IL) (RL ST 044) Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Mythology (3) Survey of major ancient Mediterranean myths, gods, and goddesses in their cultural contexts; influence on later cultures.

Effective: Summer 2005 CAMS 045 (GH; IL) Classical Mythology (3) Introduction to Greek and Roman divinities, heroes and heroines; survey of the major myths and their influence on Western culture.

Effective: Fall 2013 AF AM 145 (RL ST 145) (GH; US; IL) African American Religions and Spirituality (3) History and significance of the religious dimension of the Black American struggle for equality from enslavement to the contemporary period.

Effective: Spring 2015 AF AM 146 (RL ST 146) (GH; US) The Life and Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Effective: Fall 2012 AF AM 280 (GH; US) Historical Ethnography of Freedom (3) Studies the Underground Railroad movement to guide slaves to freedom, and public heritage surrounding this institution.

Effective: Summer 2014 AFR 150 (GH; IL) Africa in Cinema (3) The study of the image of Africa as seen in fiction and non-fictional feature length films, ethnographic and documentary films.

Effective: Spring 2013 AF AM 110U (GH; US) Introduction to African American Studies (3) An introductory survey of African American Studies practice and scholarship, focused on the major methods, figures, texts, and debates that define the field.

Effective: Fall 2016 Ending: Fall 2016 AF AM 139 (ENGL 139) (GH; US) Black American Literature (3) Fiction, poetry, and drama, including such writers as Baldwin, Douglaa, Ellison, Morrison, and Wright.

For some courses, a more detailed description may be available, accessible by clicking on the course number. Effective: Fall 2013 AF AM 083S (GH; US; IL) First-Year Seminar in African American Studies (3) Cultural, philosophical, economic, political, and global dynamics of the Black experience in the United States and the Diaspora.

AAS 100 (AM ST 160) (GH; US) Introduction to Asian American Studies (3) An introduction to the history, literature, and culture of Asian America.

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