This pair was dug on a site in Nigeria on the Congo River on the site of a fort used as a slave shipment point to the New World.

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9" iron twisted 'pennies' were traded in bundles with a slave costing 300 pennies, light oxidation..................................., 18th - Early 19th Century, 10" iron spear points found in West Africa with the early wrap around socket very similar to American points used during the Revolutionary War but much cruder in construction.........................., The name manilla is said to derive from the Spanish for a 'bracelet' manella, the Portuguese for 'hand-ring' manilha, or after the Latin manus (hand) or from monilia, plural of monile (necklace). Calabar was the chief city of the ancient southeast Nigerian coastal kingdom of that name. Including all future issuances and increases of the Female. Printed on gray paper, minor fold repairs/corner, firm paper and strong manuscript........................................, Carte de Visite by Perkins & Pelots of Augusta, GA.

They are usually horseshoe-shaped, with terminations that face each other and are roughly lozenge-shaped. It was here in 1505 that a slave could be bought for 8-10 manillas, and an elephant's tooth for one copper manila. This war period carte de visite shows a deceased white baby being held by a Negro woman but the photographer deleted the face of the black woman leaving just her hand on the baby and a considerable part of her black dress.

What’s worse than living in a town you absolutely hate?

Finding out that there was a study done and a whole panel of folks agree with you.

My mother moved to Allentown, PA so I never met all her brothers and her one sister. Now that I am in the UK for extended stays again I can look up the Rowdon person they wanted me to look up a long time ago.

My Grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Rowden born 1890 Prestwich Manchester she is shown under the sept of Broughton Hampshire.

Madame Noire’s Top 10 Cities For African-American Families: Chicago, once considered the black capital of the United States, has been surpassed by Atlanta, Georgia, as the city with the second-largest black population in America.

According to a new report, “The State of Metropolitan America,” by the Brookings Institute, the New York metro area has by far the largest number of African Americans — over 3 million, almost as many as Chicago and Atlanta combined.

Her name is Eiizabeth Jane Rowdon and was born in 1916 Norwood, PA.