Rathbone questions whether he’s truly happy with what he’s doing with his life. A few months back, I had the rare opportunity to do a phone interview with Brendan Fehr.

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Still, the series' entire premise supports the idea of teens hiding important things from their parents.

The characters also deal with the usual batch of angsty high school issues related to friendship and dating.

The experience was unnerving since I felt like a 12-year-old girl on the phone.

I had to remind myself, on innumerable occasions, that I’m an adult after all.

In high school, she was on her student council, helped produce the school yearbook, was on the cheerleading team and was voted, "Most Spirited" by her classmates.

Shiri Appleby started her career at the age of four appearing in several TV commercials. Also, Maria shoots her music career pretty much right in the face, which also makes things prettier. Call him what you like, but don't call him late for a field trip back to the Planet Arium. He's brought his own ride with him and everything. - When Max goes sad and Tess goes pregnant, even a harmless round of hijinks with Kyle and Isabel can't help but sink helplessly underfoot. - The Gandarium crystals rear their ugly, organic bad sides in trapping Kyle and Alex underground, making Isabel take rides from strangers, and causing Mel Glibson to lose his mind and dress up like a queen. - Roswell continues its slide down the slippery slope of quality as Max's quest for his son sputters to a halt, Isabel barrels ahead with her wedding plans, and everyone else wonders what the hell those two wacky alien siblings are doing. The preternatural level of patience djb has displayed in dealing with this passel of halfwits and nimrods and morons for two seasons qualifies him for sainthood. - You should've been gone/Knowing how I made you feel/And I should've been gone/After all your words of steel/Oh I must've been a dreamer/And I must've been someone else/And we should've been over. I know oddball characters, who request to share alien abduction stories, do from Roswell FM.Roswell FM is an indie film based off of Roswell, New Mexico that stars Jason London as the eccentric yet humorous Kurt Buzlerd, and Brendan Fehr as the steady protagonist Jay Rathbone. In the Roswell books, however, they attend Ulysses F. Note that the initials of that high school are UFO.