As I start to browse, I notice a man in his mid to late twenties shopping in the section for teen girls.I find it a little odd, but don’t think anything else of it.

Channel 4’s First Dates often leaves us squirming at how cringeworthy people can be on a blind date.

However, amongst all the hilarity and awkwardness, there are some truly romantic moments.

We’re perusing the options when we see something new…)(Turned out that if you don’t select either option, it came with no salt, so adding the “no salt” option to the screen was a little redundant.

Now, every time we order a pretzel there, we make a joke about the salt/no salt options.)(This is before cell phones are common.

You’d think the story of someone being STOOD UP on their nerve-wracking First Dates date would have an unhappy ending, but things certainly worked out for Sasha.

The unlucky dater was left shattered when maitre d' Fred Sirieixtold her that her date was a no show…

"It turned out that I'd go on to spend the better part of the next year on the road with the Big Apple Circus, helping document the lives of dozens of performers and crew members for the multipart PBS series 'Circus.' And though I barely realized it at the time, from then on the course of my life would change.

For all of the Romeos and Juliets of the world, don't give up on true love just yet.

(My husband and I often visit a nearby convenience store that opened recently.