If you do not use this parameter, the resource record remains in the DNS database unless it is manually updated or removed. Specifies the FQDN of a resource record in the DNS namespace.

reverse dns is not updating-13

While any discussion of DNS has the potential to become overly complex, there are some common DNS issues related to ISA Server firewall/VPN server clients that can be solved relatively easily.

Internal network names are computer and other device names on your internal network.

Net SPF validation, Sender ID validation and a dns client and dns server implementation written in C#.

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Also, make sure your DNS has the correct forward and reverse entries.

Reverse DNS overview: Reverse DNS is setup very similar to how normal (forward) DNS is setup.

So that IP is in the event log on my internal DNS and belongs to the Czech Republic.

I see other events with Chinese IPs and other companies and countries that we do not do business with.

When you create a new host (A or AAAA) resource record, there is an option to create an associated pointer (PTR) resource record automatically.