Further to my post, "Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker? In the case of Oxford the AMS had no connection to any network (and indeed even today our AMS control computers have no network connections).

The software was very simple just outputting counts of 14C and currents measured.

Gove[16, [17], claimed that the year 1325 was the date of the Shroud. Jacques Evin, then Director of the radiocarbon dating Laboratory at Lyon, France, who contributed a control sample to the dating[18], in the then future "carbon 14 dating of the Shroud ... D., 1998, "Unraveling the Shroud of Turin," Approfondimento Sindone, Vol.

there can be nothing closer than a span of 200 years" and so it "will not be possible to pinpoint where the exact age of the Shroud can be situated within the span"[19].

The Pope provided the introduction for a TV appearance of the cloth on Holy Saturday.

New research claims that the cloth does in fact date from the era of Christ, disputing other tests dating it to the Middle Ages.

New scientific tests on the Shroud of Turin, which was on display Saturday in a special TV appearance introduced by the Pope, dates the cloth to ancient times, challenging earlier experiments dating it only to the Middle Ages..

The Shroud of Turin, shown in 1979, is a 14-foot linen revered by some as the burial cloth of Jesus.Father Thvenon learnt very early about the mystery of the Turin Shroud.He has worked with the group Soleil Levant' on this question since the seventies. Never has a historical object been studied this much.My next post in this part #10 Summary was part #10(2). Previous posts in this series were part #1, part #2, part #3, part #4, part #5, part #6, part #7, part #8 and part #9, which previous posts this part #10 will summarise. Hedges (Oxford) announcing on 13 October 1988 that the Shroud of Turin had been radiocarbon dated to "1260-1390! To keep this summary from becoming even longer than it is, I will not usually post full quotes supporting my points but will provide a reference and link back to the original post in this series where that particular quote appears. "[6]scientific journal Nature reported that three AMS radiocarbon dating laboratories at universities in Tucson Arizona, Oxford England and Zurich Switzerland, had in 1988 dated the Shroud of Turin as "mediaeval ... Wilson, I., 1991, "Holy Faces, Secret Places: The Quest for Jesus' True Likeness," Doubleday: London, p.3. Evin, J., 1988, "In anticipation of carbon 14 dating of the Shroud of Turin," Shroud Spectrum International, No.