She expects to walk away with about 0,000 from the home she and her husband bought 10 years ago near Dufferin St. It limits us as to what we can do, so it’s time to get creative,” Abuseif says.The event is the brainchild of realtor Lesli Gaynor, who is building a company called Go Co, which she hopes will be a hub for co-ownership housing arrangements.

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Now real estate agent Lesli Gaynor, is putting her own experience to use in guiding potential buyers into co-ownership arrangements. ” With a background in social work and social policy, she is the first to acknowledge that the partnerships are not for everyone.

But judging from the turnout at two previous seminars she held, there is growing interest.

Home shopping, like dating in the 21st century, almost always starts online as well.

They’re both about finding the right one—and just like a matchmaker, house hunters turn to you to help them wade through the pool of eligible homes and find the one of their dreams.

For some, co-ownership may be their best hope of purchasing a home.

But finding the right partner is a complicated legal and financial decision that can also be emotionally fraught.

They are among roughly two dozen people, mostly millennials, who have come in search of someone who might be willing to share a roof, but not necessarily a life. Many people here already have personal partners, and some have already owned homes.

Discouraged by the Toronto region’s high home prices and cut-throat bidding wars, they have turned up on a soggy Thursday evening in pursuit of a step up on the city’s increasingly unaffordable property ladder.

The practice is not unusual among new immigrants to Canada, many of whom, over the generations, pooled their resources and focused on paying off their homes as soon as possible.