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C’est pourquoi plusieurs prélèvements de brique ont été prélevés dans les vestiges de ce bâtiment, afin de procéder à la datation de la sa construction.

Les résultats semblent suggérer une construction plus tardive qu’on ne l’envisageait, entre la deuxième moitié du The study of the keep of Avranches takes part of the activities of the European CNRS research group “Ceramic Building Materials and new dating methods” (« Terres cuites architecturales et nouvelles méthodes de datation »; 2005-2008).

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The Department of Earth Sciences houses a Resonetics S-155-LR 193nm Excimer laser ablation system coupled to an Agilent 7700x quadrupole ICP-MS.

The information below describes some of the pertinent components of the system 1. New advances in in-situ U-Pb geochronology of unconventional minerals We have been using well-characterized geological settings to test the viability in-situ U-Pb geochronology of U-bearing minerals such as: Andraditic garnet Uraninite Cassiterite.

See the 'unconventional chronometers' page for mor information 2. New Monocle software for Iolite3.5 incorporated into routine mapping applications The recently published description of Monocle by Kamber et al (2017) provides a new way forward for trace-element and geochronology studies. March 2017 Laser-milling of garnet for spatially-controlled Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology In collaboration with colleagues from University of Albama, we are refining a process to liberate domains (e.g., cores) from garnet in doubly-polished thick (100um) sections guided by major, minor, and trace-element mapping. In-situ Pb-Pb isotope measurements in galena The lab has established and verified a methodology to measure Pb-Pb isotopes in galena with a grand weighted mean precision of 0.05-0.1%.

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The goal is to refine this process to help transform the robustness of Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd studies involving garnet-wholerock isochrons. The method is incredibly flexible, being applicable to 1mm diameter grains exposed in polished thin sections are liberated and mounted to exposed a flat cleavage face. Increasing user fees effective April 1st, 2016 The significant increase in the cost of laser Ar F premix (100% increase!

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