With its drag and drop functionality and other advanced capabilities, ](https://github.com/telerik/xaml-sdk/tree/master/) provides additional demos for most of the Telerik UI for WPFSilverlight controls.The examples demonstrate many specific user case scenarios, that might be really helpful.

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Project Description This project is based on Josh Smith's great article Simplifying the WPF Tree View by Using the View Mode on codeproject.

In a WPF project it's often a requirement to implement in-place editing in the Tree View control, however, doing it in a incorrect way could make the whole thing complicated.

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Text property takes a string that you would like to display in the Text Block.

You can examine the Q2 2012 release history in [our site]( site]( You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in [our site]( site]( With its powerful databinding and load on demand mechanism, the control lets you display hierarchical structures, such as directories and relational data.

To style a Tree View, we can use individual Tree View Items and set their properties. We can put any controls inside a Tree View Item such as an image and text.

To display an image side by side some text, I simply put an Image and Text Block control within a Stack Panel. Source property takes the name of the image you would like to display in the Image control and Text Block.

The second button will update the UI only when the bring operation is finished.