In the United States, the mission is managed for NASA's Office of Space Science by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, California. Spilker is the Cassini project scientist and Scott. The center's prime contractor, Aerospatiale (now Alcatel) in Cannes, France, assembled the probe with equipment supplied by many European countries.

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Schools and students can enrol on The challenge will finish on August 16 and will culminate in literacy and numeracy week in September, when selected schools will be presented with certificates and book prizes.

100 Australian Poems for Children; Griffith, Kathryn & Scott-Mitchell, Claire (eds) & Rogers, Gregory (ill.) A Bear Called Paddington; Bond, Michael A Bear Tale; Ingpen, Robert A Box of Chicks; Moloney, James A Dream of Bunyips Dancing; Hurst, Elise A Pet for Mrs Arbuckle; Smyth, Gwenda & James, Ann (ill.) A School for Girls; Grice, Natalie A Triangle for Adaora; Onyefulu, Ifeoma A Wisp of Smoke; Wrightson, Patricia A Year on Our Farm; Matthews, Penny & Mc Lean, Andrew ABC of Australian Animals; Morcombe, Irene ABC of Australian Birds; Morcombe, Irene Abel's Moon; Hughes, Shirley Aboriginal Peoples of Australia; Bartlett, Anne Alan the Alien; Hall, Penny Albert Ironstain; Condon, Bill Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Viorist, Judith All Aboard the Toy Train; Bradman, Tony (comp.) & Cunliffe, Ian (ill.) Ambulance Officers; Warbrick, Sarah An Ordinary Day; Gleeson, Libby & Greder, Armin (ill.) Animalia; Base, Graeme Animals Scare Me Stiff; Cole, Babette Anthology for the Earth; Allen, Judy (ed) Arabella; Orr, Wendy & Gamble, Kim (ill.) Ark in the Park; Orr, Wendy & Millard, Kerry (ill.) Arno the Garbo; Crew, Gary & Smith, Craig (ill.) Astronaut; Hayden, Kate & Dennis, Peter Aussiemaze; Bowring, Jane & Rossell, Judith (ill.) Australia at the Beach; Fatchen, Max Bad Bears and Good Bears; Impey, Rose Baloney, Henry P.; Scieszka, Jon & Smith, Lane Bamboozled; Legge, David Batter Up; Clark, Sherryl Beginnings to Federation; Simpson, Judith Belvedere Dreaming; Ryan, Kate & Harvey, Roland (ill.) Bermuda Triangle; Donkin, Andrew Bernice Knows Best; Dann, Max Bill's New Frock; Fine, Anne Billy the Punk; Carroll, Jessica Birds; Collins, Fergus Birds build Nests; Winer, Yvonne & Oliver, Tony (ill.) Blue Hair Day; Moloney, James Bob the Builder and the Elves; Rodda, Emily & Smith, Craig (ill.) Boss of the Pool; Klein, Robin Boyz Rule: The Tree House; Arena, Felice & Kettle, Phil & Vane, Mitch (ill.) Butterflies and other Insects; Morgan, Sally Butterflies Fly; Winer, Yvonne & Lloyd-Jones, Karen (ill.) Camille and the Sunflowers; Anholt, Laurence Cars, Trains and Motorcycles; Oxlade, Chris Castle Diary; Platt, Richard & Riddell, Chris (ill.) Caterpillars; Llewellyn, Claire & Watts, Barrie Caves; Llewellyn, Claire Changes; Browne, Anthony Charm School; Fine, Anne Chaucer the Cat and the Animal Pilgrims; Borlenghi, Patricia Chickpea; Syme, Marguerite Hann Chrysanthemum; Henkes, Kevin Clever Trevor's Stupendous Inventions; Weldon, Andrew Climbing Mount Sugar Bin; Harvey, Pam Coral Reefs; Llewellyn, Claire Counting on Frank; Clement, Rod Crackle; Clark, Margaret Crossing the Blue Mountains; Boardman, Alan & Harvey, Roland (ill.) Dan's Grandpa; Morgan, Sally & Bancroft, Bronwyn (ill.) Daniel's Secret; Mattingley, Christobel Dare to be Different; Bergin, Elana (& others) David, the Best Model Maker in the World; Moloney, James Dead Funny; Simons, Moya Detective Donut and the Wild Goose Chase; Whatley, Bruce Diary of a Wombat; French, Jackie & Whatley, Bruce (ill.) Dirt Bikes; Orr, Wendy Dirty Beasts; Dahl, Roald & Blake, Quentin (ill.) DK Guide to Weather; Allaby, Michael Dog Tales; Rodda, Emily Dolphins; Giles, Bridget Down in the Dump with Dinsmore; Mahy, Margaret Drac and the Gremlin; Baillie, Allan & Tanner, Jane (ill.) Dracula Tooth; Mc Allister, Peter Dragonquest; Baillie, Allan & Harris, Wayne (ill.) Ducks and other Birds; Morgan, Sally Each Beach; Rubinstein, Gillian Earthworms; Llewellyn, Claire & Watts, Barrie Eddy the Demon Bowler; Carroll, Jane Emily Eyefinger; Ball, Duncan Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo; Lester, Alison Esio Trot; Dahl, Roald Eureka Gold; Farrer, Vashti Eureka Stockade; Boardman, Alan & Harvey, Roland (ill.) Eyes in the Dark; Dale, Kim Fair, Brown and Trembling; Daly, Jude Fairy Tales; Doherty, Berlie & Ray, Jane (ill.) Fancy That; Segura, Elaine Fantastic Mr Fox; Dahl, Roald Fiona the Pig; Hobbs, Leigh Firefighter; Warbrick, Sarah Firewords; Foster, John (ed.) & Hughes, Rian (ill.) First Friend; Mattingley, Christobel First Morning; Siegen-Smith, Nikki & Manna, Giovanni (ill.) Fish for Breakfast; Cresp, Gael & Pignataro, Anna (ill.) Five Minutes' Peace; Murphy, Jill Fixing the Tiger; Hall, Penny Flat Stanley; Brown, Jeff Florizella and the Giant; Gregory, Philippa Follow Me; Searle, Rick Fort Island; Metzenthen, David Fraidy Cats; Hall, Penny Frank and the Emergency Joke; Oswald, Debra Freckle Juice; Blume, Judy Game or Not; Fusillo, Archimede George's Marvellous Medicine; Dahl, Roald Gilbert; Thompson, Colin & Mould, Chris (ill.) Ginger; Mattingley, Christobel Goblin in the Bush; Kelleher, Victor Goldfever; DAth, Justin Grandpa; Norman, Lilith & Young, Noela (ill.) Grandpa's Stories; Tonkin, Rachel Growing up at Uluru; Breedon, Stan Guide Dogs; Lawrenson, Diana Guinea Pig; Head, Honor & Burton, Jane (phot.) Hairy Toes and Scary Bones; Impey, Rose Hand Me Down Hippo; Edwards, Hazel & Goss, Mini (ill.) Hannah Plus One; Gleeson, Libby & James, Ann (ill.) Hello New!

; Agard, John Here Come the Heebie Jeebies and Other Scary Poems; Bradman, Tony & Roberts, David (ill.) Highway; Wheatley, Nadia Home of the Kadimakara People; Trezise, Percy Home Run; Collins, Paul Horrendo's Curse; Fienberg, Anna & Gamble, Kim (ill.) Horrible Harriet; Hobbs, Leigh Horse Show; Hayden, Kate How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen; Hoban, Russell & Blake, Quentin (ill.) Hyram and B; Caswell, Brian & Ottley, Matt (ill.) I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato; Child, Lauren If Bees rode Shiny Bicycles; Taylor, Michelle In Flanders Field; Jorgenson, Norman & Harrison-Lever, Brian (ill.) In My Backyard; Hilton, Nette & Spudvilas, Anne In Your Dreams; Morgan, Sally & Bancroft, Bronwyn (ill.) Insects; Claybourne, Anna Islands in my Garden; Howes, Jim & Harvey, Roland (ill.) Jake & Pete and the Catcrowbats; Rubinstein, Gillian & Denton, Terry (ill.) Jaleesa the Emu; Kerr, Nola & Brindle, Susannah James and the Giant Peach; Dahl, Roald John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat; Wagner, Jenny & Brooks, Ron (ill.) John Eales; Eales, John & Batchelor, Lindy Journey to the Stars; Clark, Stuart Judy Moody gets Famous; Mc Donald, Megan Just Another Ordinary Day; Clement, Rod Just Dragon; Stafford, Liliana & Power, Margaret Karate Star; Caisley, Raewyn Killer Plants and how to Grow Them; Cheers, Gordon Kingdom of the Sun; Mitton, Jacqueline & Balit, Christina Knock, Knock! ; Impey, Rose Kupi-kupi and the Girl; Burton, Daphne Punytjina Lady Lollipop; King-Smith, Dick & Barton, Jill (ill.) Land of the Snake People; Trezise, Percy Life Cycle of a Pumpkin; Fridell, Ron & Walsh, Patricia Life Cycle of a Silkworm; Fridell, Ron & Walsh, Patricia Lili Backstage; Isadora, Rachel Lily and the Wizard Wackoo; Fitzpatrick, Judy Linnea in Monet's Garden; Bjolk, Christina Little Elephants Song; Hanel, Wolfram Little Lunch; Katz, Danny & Vane, Mitch Little Old Mrs Pepperpot; Proysen, Alf Locked Out; Roberts, Renee & Maris, Sarah & Stewart, Tammie & Leffler, David (ill.) Loni and the Moon; Takac, Esther & Pignataro, Anna Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye; Stilton, Geronimo Lucky Lad; Leeson, Robert Lulubelle and her Bones; Farrer, Vashti Mabel Dancing; Hest, Amy Maddy in the Middle; Bone, Ian Madeline; Bemelmans, Ludwig Mammals; Claybourne, Anna Mammals; Clutton-Brock, Juliet Martian Rock; Shields, Carol Diggory & Nash, Scott Maxx Rumble: Crunched!

; Wagner, Michael & Denton, Terry (ill.) Mc Broom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm; Fleischman, Sid Meatball's Good Dog Day; Clark, Margaret & Hayes, Phil (ill.) Millie; Marsden, John & Rippin, Sally (ill.) Minou; Bingham, Mindy & Maeno, Itoko Miss Wolf and the Porkers; Condon.

Leveson does not rule out that Dacre might be recalled "shortly" if the matters are not resolved.

The Hacked Off campaign and the Media Standards Trust categorically refute Paul Dacre's baseless accusations that we have "attempted to hijack" the Leveson Inquiry by somehow putting pressure on Hugh Grant, a supporter of the Hacked Off campaign, to "wound" Associated Newspapers at the time Mr Grant gave oral evidence to the inquiry.

To receive a certificate signed by the Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, students in years 3 to 9 must read 12 books before August.

Ten of the books should come from the recommended list.

Cover: Hurricane Sandy from space/NASA GOES Project Considerable confusion exists as to the most likely value of climate sensitivity; by proposing a consistent framework for analysing and synthesizing research into the palaeoclimate of the past 65 million years, a value of 2.2–4.8 °C warming in response to atmospheric COAn integrated high-resolution genetic, physical and shotgun sequence assembly of the barley genome, one of the earliest domesticated and most important crops, is described; it will provide a platform for genome-assisted research and future crop improvement.