HSA’s are fairly new to the health insurance and investing worlds. Any company that offers an HSA is referred to as and “administrator” or “custodian”.

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Later on, if you don’t use the funds, you can even withdraw funds from HSA accounts in retirement like an IRA, without penalty and for any reason, starting at age 65.

When I first signed up for an HSA, I wondered how married I’d be to a particular HSA account.

These are expenses that you need to survive every month, and should include your cost of housing, minimum loan payments, utilities, groceries, and other basic needs. I wouldn’t consider my gym membership a need, but some would).

It’s ideal to keep these expenses to less than 50% of your take home pay.

Of all the areas in financial planning, we probably have the highest degree of control over our income, expenses, and savings, making it extremely important to create a workable budget.

Here are some of the best ways you can create a budget you can actually stick to.

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Unlike FSA’s, HSA account contributions roll over from year-to-year, and they are portable, meaning you can take them with you from one employer to another or to self-employment.