1) Download the PSP firmware updaters for 6.31 & 6.61 (for PSP Go! All you need to do here is pressing to enable the selected custom firmware for autobooting.

psp updating cfw-43psp updating cfw-65psp updating cfw-37

In a nutshell, every single PSP ever made can run some form of the latest CFW, and all but the E1000 (Street) model support a permanent form of the CFW that persists even when the console is completely shut down or has its battery removed.

The permanent patch takes two forms: either the c IPL flasher that comes with the CFW, or the Infinity 6.61 patch (which is bit more involved but provides the same functionality). First check which version of the official firmware (OFW) your PSP is currently running by going into your Settings menu, then System Settings / System Information.

Note: Your settings will go corrupt and be reset, that's normal!!

12) And once its done Press to reboot into 6.61 Infinity!!!

Supports single-disc and multi-disc EBOOTs, as well as EBOOT customization and software manual creation. 3) On the left-hand frame, you should see a tree folder structure populate. Right-click on CD and select from the context menu the second option from the top (Extract CD ) then the last selection from the top of the resulting menu (RAW *.bin, *.iso) 4) You'll be prompted to choose the ISO's format, name the ISO, and select a location. An example: x:\PSP\GAME\VALKYRIE PROFILE 2) If you've located and downloaded (or created) a software manual (DOCUMENT.

Dark-Alex's POPSLoader Plugin - Download the one relevant to your custom firmware. DAT), it too must be placed in the same folder as the EBOOT.If you’re not familiar with CFW on the PSP, you may be surprised at how easy it is to set up and use.Please pay special attention to the text in red, follow the instructions carefully and in order, and you should have no problems.If you’re on a version older than 6.60 then you must perform this update, otherwise skip this step.If you have a new memory card, please format it first by putting it into your PSP, then choose Format Memory Card from the System Settings menu. The Auto-Preview should update on-the-fly and demonstrate what your PSP's screen will look like when you select the game. Sit tight as all of the ISOs are consolidated into a single EBOOT and the custom images and/or sounds are applied to it.