Very few people outside the town itself would've known of those happenings, but for the fact that a simple webcam live-streaming footage of a Jackson intersection became a strange viral hit.

(I also get a kick out of the one located outside the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.) But none of them have taken off like the one at the intersection of Broadway and Cache streets, which caught attention when You Tube began recommending it and the link got tossed around forums, social media and even traveled across the pond via an article in Britain's Daily Mail.

Anyone can tune in, and anyone can comment on the view in a random blur of remarks that include everything from inside jokes to annoying spammers to people who are just confused.

Answers to Your Questions About the Cornell Hawk Nest. E3 is now appearing in public education programs around the local community and is a great ambassador for Red-tailed Hawks across America.

If you’re looking for the answer to a specific question, type control-F (command-F on a Mac) and start typing in your search terms to quickly find the answer. Back to Top Red-tailed hawks have a varied diet that depends on where they live.

The goal was to raise 10,000 euros, or about $11,388.

Once a user downloads the i OS app, they can create a username and password (no email address required).

I've peeped in on raptor nests on downtown skyscrapers and kittens in Japanese pet stores, both now gone.

But Jackson Hole's cam has a goofy charm, thanks less to the views itself and more to the story that's built up around it, both from online commenters and Jackson natives in the know.

Mo'Nique countered with a lawsuit of her own, saying the house smelled like dog feces, among other lovely odors.

But now you can own this infamous home -- which boasts 8 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, and sits on 10 acres of land -- for the low, low price of .9 million.

The young bird did not move out of the way and became trapped under the lowering glass catching its right wing.