With two games left at Rogers Centre, Girardi said he wasn’t sure if the center fielder will play before Tuesday, when the Yankees open a three-game series in The Bronx with the AL East rival Red Sox.

“I’m not really sure, but I would assume that way,’’ Girardi said.

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She started hosting at least one Shabbat dinner a month in 2013.

“I felt there was a void in the Jewish community of Shabbat dinners in intimate homes,” she says.

Das „Wind Gas“ kann von dort entweder bundesweit transportiert oder solange zwischengespeichert werden, bis es bedarfsgerecht an Kunden abgegeben wird.

Dabei ist Hamburg als Standort für ein solches Pilotprojekt ideal: Die Hansestadt verbindet den windenergiereichen Norden mit den Energieleitungen mit den industriellen Verbrauchszentren der Republik.

best dating website new york city Bei hochsommerlichen Temperaturen besuchten mehr als 50 neugierige Gäste die Power-To-Gas-Anlage in Hamburg-Reitbrook.

Die von Hanse Werk und seinen Partnern betriebene Anlage wandelt in der PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)-Elektrolyse Energie aus regenerativ erzeugtem Strom in Wasserstoff um und speist diesen ins Erdgasnetz ein.

The crowd is hushed as Erin Davis a 30-year-old, waif-like blond, our host for the night, announces it’s time for ice breakers, where we’ll read funny and ironic facts about each other and guess who it could be.

Later I’ll leave after arranging a date with an adorable man handpicked by Davis whom my mother would kvell—ahem, gush—over.

Judge is the first Yankee to win a monthly award in back-to-back months since Don Mattingly was the AL Player of the Month in August and September of 1985.