If you were charged on your cell phone bill by Buongiorno a/k/a Blinko f/k/a Dirtyhippo for mobile content services or subscriptions (i.e., ringtones, premium text alerts, etc.) that you never authorized, tell us your story.

–Report Unauthorized Buongiorno a/k/a Blinko Cell Phone Charges– Blinko/Buongiorno Short Codes: 42222 69069 99333 Blinko/Buongiorno Websites: Services and Subscriptions: Ringtones, wallpaper, alerts, games, horoscopes, joke a day Blinko Buongiorno Contact 1-800-971-2271 fax (786)-513-0967 [email protected]@ Advertising Blinko or Buongiorno brands: and/or Buongiorno Related Search Terms: 42222 text, 42222 text alerts, 42222 blinko, 42222 blinkoclub, prankster 42222, 42222 blinko text alerts, 42222 blinkoclub buong, text message 42222, prem_sms 42222, blinko ringtones, blinko club, blinko text alerts, blinko game, care blinko www blinko, blinko text, blinko club buong, www care blinko com, blinko games, blinko chat, cancel blinko, ww blinko com, blinko ring tones, blinko text alert, offers blinko com, stop blinko, blinko text messaging, what is blinko, Buongiorno vitaminic, prankster ringtones, dirtyhippo, 69069 chat, alert blinko text, This entry was posted on Monday, August 20th, 2007 at am and is filed under Content Providers.


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We have simply created a forum for consumers like you to share your cell phone billing issues with others.

If you were charged on your cellular phone bill for mobile content services (i.e., ringtones, text alerts, games, etc.) you never order or authorized, you may also contact an attorney at

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