By default, an icon for Photo Viewer should be on the desktop.

Once opened, the photos on the keychain can be seen on the right side of the window while the directory for your computer files can be seen on the left side.

photo viewer keychain updating-6

You'll also have the ability to use the software to view and edit pictures.

Use the Photo Viewer software to browse your computer's photo library and add pictures to your digital keychain.

The Sharper Image is known for its innovative gadgets and electronics, such as the digital photo keychain.

This small device can hold up to 60 digital images and connects to your keys like any normal keychain.

Utilize the up and down arrows on the keychain to navigate the main menu and select "USB Connect" to create a connection between the digital keychain and the computer.

On the initial connection, the Photo Viewer software will be automatically downloaded to your computer's hard drive so that you can download pictures to your digital keychain.

Of course, you must first download digital images to the device before you can enjoy it for its intended use.

Each keychain comes with a USB cord and computer software which makes for a user-friendly experience.

Insert the software installation CD in your computer's disc drive to install the Photo Viewer software for the keychain.

A set of directions will pop up on the screen to guide you through the installation process. Connect the keychain to the computer with the keychain's USB cord.

I bought two of these, despite the bad reviews, because I wanted a something that would fit into a small sharing urn.