Original Parts still owned Comments and modifications to your Wolfgangthis one has one small spot where someone went to town on the tremelo with Dtuna on.could someone on here please identify where it was made and what exact model. acording to the comparison chart this Guitar is a 1999-? is this correct and do all wolfgangs have engraved Ev H signature on headstock? Think its an early model but would like to find out more.

My Wolfgang Is a arch top amber flame top Im in question about what body material was used? If you have any info on my pride and joy please email mail me back thanks!!!!!!!!! The goldtop is starting to turn a dark green in patches which is making me think it may have originaly been a blacktop and its starting to shine through. I have a chance to purchase a Japanese Made EVH guitar. I had seen several custom shop wolfgangs with all black pickups but peavey said they never made them, and I installed new pots (the old ones died) rewired with vintage cloth insulated wire (it sounds a little different I like it) The original nut wore out in about two years so I had to install a new one, and I'm already about due for a fret job.chunk taken off the back from the tension spring of the floyd coming off from earlier owner.

I put Fender Mod Shop's "Samarium Cobalt Noiseless" pickups into my Made in Mexico (MIM) "Standard Stratocaster" and they made all the difference in the world, if you like a nice warn tone.

For source impedances below about 1K Ohm, the hum is virtually gone.

For example, I used a midrange Electrovoice mic and it works perfectly.

Updated 4/17/2015: I read the reviews before buying this and decided to take a chance.

Have messed with it for several days now and can report that various issues in most reviews are accurate, but if used with a good source the amp seems to work quite well. Yes - if you drive it from a very high impedance source, it has noticeable hum.

Memphis guitars and basses are entry level to medium quality instruments designed for the student guitarist.

Models encountered so far are the bolt-on neck Fender copies (Strats, Teles, P-basses).

But even the Fender Mustang 1 V2 has similar comments from some users.

I'm guessing this is at least partly due to how exposed the wiring is in whatever guitar/etc you're using.

The reason being that Carl Perkins is seen playing so many different guitars in almost as many photos.

I sat out to investigate this and got expert help from musicians having played with Carl Perkins, and Carls’ oldest son Stan Perkins, who was also a fellow bandmate of his dad.

Hi, Can you tell me how old and mybe some history on my Memphis guitar. Thank you, Marlene// Marlene: Memphis Guitars are kinda a modern mystery. Memphis guitars were manufactured in the 1990's and their values range from; Electric Guitars; Mint - 5.00 to Good - .00 USD Bass Guitars; Mint - 0.00 to Good - .00 USD Made in Korea....