Peer Block is now available in the Google Play Store! Go into XPosed Framework Installer and enable "Peer Block For Android" 5. Go to the second tab "Block Lists" now hit the "Rebuild cache blocklist" 12. I'm on 4.2.2 Xperia z custom stock Rom as I can unlock my bootloader. On the pc peer block it shows a list of what's being blocked. Peer Block For Android lets you control who your phone 'talks to' on the Internet. Reboot your device and enjoy How to block the goverment 1. Save the file and be sure you have Block DNS enabled! Any goverment website should be blocked Change Log 1.00: Initial creation and upload of the app 1.01: Fixed App crash when Peer Block Lists directory did not exist 1.02: Changed the required API SDK to 14, Added a progress window for rebuilding the cache and some minor bug fixes 1.03: Fixed DNS/Connection counters Fixed double icons Memory leak fix Added history, system apps included (no root required) Created CSV Format for saving settings Improved performance Apps with abnormal I/O behavior will get no internet Updated error handling in rebuilding the cache list Block hosts/subnet/ip from the history App will be shown now in the 'Last Blocked Host' Added comma's at the 'Blocking xx Ips' to read it better Hooking a extra API if some rooted apps are calling it directly Added to changelogs and about scrollbars Scripts people made: Tell your opinion, Share the bugs you find. Sent from my C6603 using xda premium Originally Posted by danlivesey Nice work, I've been looking for this for ages. I've just installed peer blocker and it's force closing and I can't get into the app. On the pc peer block it shows a list of what's being blocked.

Create a directory in the sdcard called "Peer Block Lists" 4. Go into the Peer Block app and tick "Block DNS" and "Block 'Ad' Keyword in the Host name" 11. Answer: Most likely you disabled the option "Block DNS" Source code: Captor/Peer Block For Android Contact If you want to contact me for anything or just a chat you can add me at skype using this e-mail or just e-mail me, [email protected] work, I've been looking for this for ages. I've just installed peer blocker and it's force closing and I can't get into the app.

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Peer Block has multiple features in the latest version of the program.

These include a constantly updating blocklist managed by the home site and a manager that lets you choose which lists to include in the block.

This programme is available completely free of charge and comes packed with features to make it very versatile.

View full description People who are looking for a way to block various different IP addresses on their computer should make sure that they take a look at Peer Guardian.

Hosting, as well as the signed driver, is funded by donations from the public.

Future donations are intended to contribute to future signed drivers, hosting and to possibly rent a virtual private server on which the team should be able to build a "real" online-update feature for future releases of Peer Block.The original version was released for free and the source code was made available under an open source license. The development of version 2.0 was led by Cory Nelson, and aimed to resolve many of the shortcomings of Version 1.Due to Version 1.0 only blocking TCP ports Peer then shifted to uk where Protowall, The blocklist Manager, B. Version 2 enabled support for more protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc.), multiple block lists, and automatic updates.It blocks incoming and outgoing connections to Internet IP addresses that are included on blacklists accessible over the Internet which may be selected by the user, and to addresses specified by the user. The aim of its use is to prevent certain (blacklisted) IP peers in a torrent download from verifying your own peer download connection.While the software is free, a subscription must be paid for access to lists of sites to block.I've looked around on here some and most of what I find is someone eventually getting it to work properly after the instructions on this page: Peer Guardian 2 RC1 Test But those are also mostly from 2007, I didn't see anything helpful in 09 on this...