Another common scenario is using social media ads to help expand your audience.

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Hosted by Mr GP Hinduja and Mr AP Hinduja, the business gathering included Mr Vineet Mittal (Wellspun Energy Ltd), Mr Anil Agarwal (Vedanta Resources Plc), Mr LN Mittal (Arcelor Mittal), Mr Moni Varma (Veetee Group) and Mr Vikrant Bhargava (Party Gaming) amongst other influential business leaders.

Also present at the event was Mr Rakeshh Gupta (President, AMAS Investments) and Mr Manish Tiwari (MD, Here & Now 365), who is also organising a Friends of Madhya Pradesh UK Chapter dinner in his honour.

My work is to ensure the material wellbeing of my constituency and am committed to ensure everyone in the state has a house above his head and homelessness is eradicated.

But these sites offer businesses the opportunity to purchase ads to increase your reach to their millions of users.

The most common scenario is if you have an upcoming event or sale you want to promote.

Ads help you build buzz on social media sites and also capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing as people start sharing your event with their friends.

Mims was romantically involved with his victim, officials said, and the men met through an online dating website.

Prosecutors for the first time Tuesday identified Mims’ victim as 64-year-old Andrew Schwartz, of Hightstown.

Schwartz survived being repeatedly struck with a claw hammer and having his throat slit with a razor.