The accused Azkals denied the allegation, while Coling’s lawyer, Atty. In the July 19, 2011 statement posted on GMA News Online, Sangalang noted: "(Coling) fervently hopes that the issue that involves her and certain individuals, will not be blown out of proportion, nor should it cause additional grief and harassment to her and to the others affected.

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No such Betamax tape came out." In another story, Santos herself said, "There was a time, Igorota. The Charito Solis-Mayor Arsenio Lacson Story Scandal Status: Fake (May now be classified as an urband legend, no authentic evidence has surfaced.) An article published in the FAMAS awards microsite discussed an issue that had hounded actress Charito Solis: "In 1962, what could be considered as the biggest unfounded rumor of her career struck: She was having an affair with Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson." Lacson served as Manila mayor from 1952 until the year he died.