The woman, who didn't have a valid driver's license and allegedly had marijuana and an unlabeled bottle of prescription medication in her possession, told Arboleda she was on felony probation and offered him money not to be arrested. Arboleda didn't take the money, but he gave her back the drugs and then took her home, where she offered him oral sex, detectives said.

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The boyfriend also revealed the 20-year-old may be pregnant with his child as she had stopped taking her birth control pills and had displayed signs of being pregnant, though she refused to take the test.

- A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested Monday after he used his position to accept sexual favors from a woman in exchange for keeping her out of jail, detectives said.

She told him that she was interested and into having sex with dogs.

She went on to tell him that she has been having sex with their family dogs since she was 13 years old.'He told police that she claimed to have both 'vaginal and oral sex' with the dogs.

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He did not know what type but called them 'medium sized' and said one was 13-years-old and the other just a couple of years old.

Before calling police, he thought he would broach it with the girl's father who revealed he knew about the dog sex and said he was trying to gain custody of her 11-month-old son because he felt his daughter was not a good parent.

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