This would be exciting on its own, but during her audition we spotted a diamond ring on her left hand!

In 1978, the four members of the band each released solo albums on the same day.

Though the records all sold respectably, only one of them -- Frehley's -- produced a big hit, "New York Groove." Simmons concluded his album with "When You Wish Upon a Star."In late 1983, the band decided to go without its famous makeup, first in an appearance on MTV and then on tour. "(I) didn't know how I was supposed to act, because the non-makeup version of the band was an entirely new idea," he wrote in his book, "Kiss and Make-Up." Left to right, Simmons, Vincent and Stanley play London's Wembley Arena in 1983.

14 August 2006Gene Simmons didn't start driving until he was 35 years old and Nick is studying to get his driver's license.

An admittedly horrible driver himself, Gene faces off against Nick in a driving test challenge, with the threat of having to humiliate himself in the middle of Beverly Hills if he loses.

Daughter of KISS rock band member Gene Simmons and supermodel mother Shannon Tweed, Sophie Simmons A. A Sophie Tweed Simmons is a rising name in the fashion, acting and music fraternity.

Though she doesn’t have a wiki page yet, a short Sophie Simmons bio is featured here in this article.

Nicknamed as Soph she is the niece of Tracy Tweed and cousin of Hunter Tweed, Emily Tweed and Jake Tweed.

She is known also for having appeared at the 2012 edition of X Factor America.

The band expanded its reach into movies with "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park," a 1978 film that aired on NBC.